Released November 4, 2016

Credits: Sonia Eidse, rhythm guitar\\David Larocque, electric guitar\\Marie-Josee Dandeneau, bass\\Daniel Roy, drums\\Marc Arnould, keys.

Mixing and Mastering by Jamie Sitar
All songs written by Sonia Eidse.


Produced by eidski.



Sonia Eidse is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Making reflective alt-pop, her pure voice and melancholic sound create a subtle mystique, stirring the heartstrings of its listeners. 

Beginning her vocal training as a child and continuing throughout her teens, Eidse acquired a love for pop and jazz ballads, citing Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack and Kate Bush as her key influences. Having also a love for writing, she kept a journal musings and and poems throughout her life, and turned many of them into songs after learning the guitar at 16.

In 2010, after releasing a demo of originals, Eidse earned herself a spot in AMP Camp, a weeklong artist development retreat for Indigenous musicians from across Canada. The experience played a pivotal role in her pursuit in music, allowing her see herself in a new light.

Shy and reserved in nature, Eidse continued to push herself outside of her bubble. In 2012, she self-produced her first EP Acoustic Vol 1 & 2,  giving away copies at local gigs and festivals.

After taking a hiatus to become a new mother, the songstress returned to the music scene in 2016, releasing her self-titled EP, a set of four warm, ethereal tracks.

Dreamy. with each note stretched as far as possible, Eidse’s vocal performance lands like a silk parachute, or a slow-rolling fog.” - Audiofemme, 2017

Eidse is now in the midst of producing her debut album with Rusty Matyas, set for release next year.